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Company Experience

PowerSolve has been providing Asset Tracking & Management (ATM) solutions to utilities for over 16yrs. With over 80 utility customers, including IOU's, Municipalities and Cooperatives, we strive to deliver systems that are flexible, easy and intelligent. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal as we realize it's our customers who provide our day to day living for each of us here at PowerSolve.

As an industry leader, PowerSolve takes pride in knowing we can help our customers save time and money through the delivery of our solutions. We start by taking a holistic view of the ATM process. We also address the key areas which help define our products such as requirements definition, IT infrastructure, quality management and change management to give our customers the products which meet or exceed their business and community objectives.

PowerSolve is committed to the ongoing delivery of software, services, and partnerships to help our customers cost-effectively transform value through technology and innovation. Our goal is to provide each customer with a consistent and centralized application thus delivering common business practices and procedures across the business.

Innovative Solutions

Throughout the years, PowerSolve has delivered a tremendous Return On Investment (ROI) through our PowerTrack and Win5800 software solutions. PowerTrack has been utilized to save companies significant dollars through such features as electronic meter multiplier verification to capture incorrect billing constants thus improving customer service and revenues. PowerTrack has also helped utilities reduce spend on inventory by tracking inventory right to the premise with our field application, deliver inventory alerts and the reporting of critical assets. We have helped utilities improve overall customer service, reduce spend, streamline business processes and reduce man-hours associated with various procedures.

Finally, with Smart Grid becoming a larger focus with most utilities, we understand your assets have become much more expensive (such as AMI meters) and understand how to manage these assets and any associations such as firmware or configuration information. Our systems are capable of integrating and exchanging information to MDM, AMI or other key applications that are important to your Smart Grid delivery.

We continue to share ideas with our customers, participate in industry symposiums, and remain engaged in such forums as the Raleigh Smart Grid Round Table to stay connected and in-tune with the future of the industry and customers.

Value-Added Services

Hosting Services:

Powersolve can provide varying degrees of hosting including Software as a Service (Saas) where we host the PowerTrack software and any hardware (infrastructure) needed to deliver this offering to our customers.

This offering utilizes a third party partners "TegoData" secure off-site solution as our infrastructure, disaster recovery and backup site provider with sites in Raleigh, NC and Austin, TX. This gives our customers a reliable and secure method toward maintaining critical data and information off site with peace of mind.

This offering benefits your utility by off-setting any capital investment needed on the front-end. PowerSolve will provide a contract term for a specific period of time based on a monthly or quarterly schedule.

Integration & Development Services:

In order to meet our challenging customer and market needs, PowerSolve offers a comprehensive development and services group to augment any IT shortages your company may have. Leveraging more than 16 years of best practices and software expertise, PowerSolve offers a high understanding of integration to back-office systems or technology partners.

Powersolve has a team of qualified developers and application consultants who can not only provide these services for our own solutions, but can also deliver them toward third party systems for your utility such as CIS integration, MDM integration, mobile application development and more. Our staff is experienced with SQL, VB, .NET, CE, C++, Java, Delphi and can provide experience with SOAP, REST, WCF, web-services and various file structures including XML, CSV? If your utility is in need of a small boutique systems integrator, we are ready to engage.

Management Team

Here at PowerSolve, we believe that our company is only as good as the team who supports it. We strive to keep our employees up-to-date on the latest technology and define a good corporate culture with creativity. Some of our Key Employees include:

Larry Coombs


Phone: 888.662.8515
Extension: 330

Mark Harriett

Senior Software Developer

Phone: 888.662.8515
Extension: 324

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