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PowerSolve set to release PowerTrack.Net solution

' In repsponse to industry demand for flexible enterprise solutions, PowerSolve will release our state of the art PowerTrack.Net solution 2nd Quarter 2013. '

PowerSolve welcomes industry professional

' PowerSolve welcomes Shawn Fields to PowerSolve where he will take a commercial leadership role. Shawn has served the utility industry for over 22yrs first working for an IOU and later managing business development and sales within companies such as UTS/Itron, Invensys and EnergyICT/Elster. "We are pleased to have Mr. Fields as part of the management team at PowerSolve. His depth of industry knowledge and relationships will provide us the leadership needed to ensure our future for growth" says Larry Coombs CEO and founder of PowerSolve. '

PowerSolve and Powermetrix form partnership

'PowerSolve has entered into a partnership with Powermetrix to provide interface with the PowerSolve Cloud. '

Progress Energy Carolinas to implement PowerTrack 3.5

'Progress Energy Carolinas is set to implement the PowerTrack 3.5 system by the end of 2012. '


The PowerTrack system has helped Duke Energy manage all of our metering assets from 'cradle to grave'. In other words, we track all our assets real time through their life-cycle including purchases, distribution, installations/removals and testing. The system is integrated with our customer orders, billing system and with our Meter Data Management system. Overall, we have a great working relationship and PowerSolve has been responsive to our needs by providing us timely support whenever we needed it. The PowerSolve team has brought much value to Duke and we enjoy working with them now and in the future.
Pat Barth
Duke Energy

Northeast Utilities has worked with PowerSolve since 2005 were we have been utilizing their PowerTrack application as the system of record for managing our electric meter assets. PowerTrack is key to our operations and provides interfaces to NU's Meter Data Management System, Field Service Order, and Customer Billing systems. PowerTrack is a complete solution that provides us tracking of meters and transformers from cradle to grave meaning from purchase to retirement of our metering assets. Additionally, we rely on the system to provide yearly government mandated Sample & Periodic testing and reporting, work-order for specialty meters and, physical meter inventory management. We have been very pleased with PowerSolve's solutions and overall support of their products.
Mohammed Hanif
Northeast Utilities

DTE Energy Electric Meter Shop operation was in dire need of significant process and technology improvements. The Meter Records System had limited flexibility and capability to adequately support the Meter Shop Operations. PowerTrack was found to be a reliable and stable system to provide the platform to other systems that require meter information. PowerTrack facilitated and improved Meter Shop operations at the newly designed facility with state of the art material handling equipment; at a minimum, PowerTrack enables accurate equipment inventory/accountability control and minimizes errors in establishing accounts (no manual entry necessary).
Thanks PowerSolve
Hasan Zaiti
DTE Energy

"This was the best 'off the shelf' product installation I have been involved with. This is the first product that worked as it was supposed to when it was installed and you and your staff provided all the support we needed to get started ...Thanks again for a job well done."
Clare Bargerstock
Metering Supervisor
Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative