Combining business process with intelligent applications


Our PowerTrack platform allows your company to deliver complete Asset Tracking, Testing & Management which simplifies tedious processes while improving accountability thus saving time, cost and increasing efficiency. PowerTrack has been utilized to save companies significant dollars through such features as electronic meter multiplier verification to capture incorrect billing constants thus improving customer service and revenues. PowerTrack has also helped utilities reduce spend on inventory by tracking inventory right to the premise with our field application, deliver inventory alerts and the reporting of critical assets. We have helped utilities improve overall customer service, reduce spend, streamline business processes and reduce man-hours associated with various procedures.

With Smart Grid becoming a larger focus with most utilities, we understand your assets have become much more expensive (such as AMI meters) and understand how to manage these assets and any associations such as firmware or configuration information. Our systems are capable of integrating and exchanging information to MDM, AMI or other key applications that are important to your Smart Grid delivery.

PowerTrack utilizes latest .NET technology as its application code. This allows for flexibility where New or Future devices can be added to the system without a new Version of application needed. PowerTrack is also database agnostic supporting SQL, Oracle, Access and DB2 which allows your company and IT personnel to work with what they know best.

PowerTrack delivers a comprehensive inventory control solution to manage your critical assets such as meters, CT/VTs, tools, AMI devices, meter seals and much more. This module allows for the import and absorption of most vendor files containing all asset attributes such as warranty, configuration, firmware, test data, ID's and much more.

PowerTrack will allow for a complete audit trail with statuses and alerts so that your company knows exactly where and when these assets have been utilized. The system supports barcode and scanning technology to ensure accurate data capture and eliminates manual entry. Through its powerful reporting and alerting features, you can now better predict inventory levels with high accuracy thus managing cost associated with the asset. Key benefits include:

  • Reduced Capital Expenditure: knowing the history of testing data, maintenance, repairs and warranty of the asset enables asset lifetimes to be maximized, taking into account the most up to date information on the performance of the asset.
    • PowerTrack manages asset data and maintains the history of each asset. It provides cost, warranty and repair history to allow for correct repair or retirement of the asset.

  • Optimize Stock Levels: asset efficiency means a better knowledge of where asset are and their status meaning less stock needs to be kept on-hand. This is key to lean inventory management of an organization. In addition, tracking your inventory can help manage order lead times that may be costly or impact customer needs.
    • PowerTrack manages manufacture codes, type codes and other codes to help categorize assets. In addition, workflows and alerts can be generated to help define when specific assets may be low giving your company lead times for re-stocking.

  • System of Record: knowing there is a single repository for asset information and data can help minimize fragmented information exchange.
    • PowerTrack provides the framework for a centralized inventory repository. PowerTrack interfaces with your utilities critical back office systems such as CIS and MDM while providing real-time connectivity to field applications delivering up to date status changes, inventory levels and asset exchanges. All systems are synchronized and up-to-date.
PowerTrack provides a comprehensive mechanism for managing all aspects of utility testing procedures including New Purchase Group Testing, Periodic Testing and Random Sample Testing in support of any PUC requirements. PowerTrack also allows for the complete testing and audit records for Electric, Gas, Water meters and CT/VT's. Additionally, this module allows for work order synchronization to third party systems to help identify the testing population needed for testing.

PowerTrack since PowerSolve is vendor neutral, we have built-in drivers to support most test equipment which allows for the testing to be completed through a single application (PowerTrack) eliminating the need to maintain multiple third party test applications.

  • Consolidated Testing: your company may have many different types of assets which also may have unique testing requirements. Having to use each vendors test equipment software creates fragmented test data storage and fragmented delivery of that data to critical systems such as CIS.

    • PowerTrack interfaces to most test bench and field testing equipment. We do this through developed drivers where the screens, processes and testing can be completed right from PowerTrack thus, eliminating the need to use the equipment manufactures applications. In addition, ALL the data is stored and managed within a centralized database.

  • Support for Varying Tests: each utility has different testing parameters and procedures. Whether your company tests all new meters or samples new meters; whether your company complies with PUC requirements or has in-house guidelines a solution must allow for operational differences.

    • PowerTrack allows for the import of meter manufacturer files capturing relevant information including Factory Test results. Our system allows your company to determine its thresholds or percentages for new meter testing requirements in an effort to ensure accuracy. We assign a purchase group to any received shipment allowing for traceability on any devices that may be defective making it easier to pinpoint problems within a batch. Finally, PowerTrack allows for more complex testing requirements you may have around Random Sample Testing.

  • Warranty and Retirement: managing your assets life-cycle from cradle to grave is critical. It's more than just accounting for an asset like many systems do, it's knowing what to do with the assets when issues arise. Significant dollars can be wasted if the right processes are not in place for managing warranty or repair.

    • PowerTrack helps your company manage the processes associated with repair and warranty through its work flow intelligence. AMI meters have become more expensive, managing warranty information through PowerTracks date tracking mechanism allows your company to quickly ID when and if assets are under warranty and where to ship and assign the appropriate actions such as repair or retire.
PowerTrack gives your company the tools necessary to not only capture the data necessary for testing and inventory control while providing you a mechanism for asset distribution. Knowing where every meter, tool, CT? is at any time will give you confidence you have the right assets at the right location.

Supported through location type codes and other related codes, you can assign assets to trucks and people while also having the ability to manage shipping and stocking with full support of bar code printing for devices, boxes and pallets.

  • Assignment of Assets: knowing your customers have the right equipment at their premise and that the equipment is safe and accurate.

    • PowerTrack assures that the right equipment is installed and that it's configured properly. Our system provides for detailed asset awareness through location codes, type codes and dynamic status information. PowerTrack allows you to assign assets to places, trucks or people with intelligent work-flows to provide for traceability.

  • Location Details: knowing where the asset is located precisely avoids unnecessary cost in searching for it and enables repairs to be completed more quickly.

    • PowerTrack knowing what location assets have been shipped to, identifying device specific warranty ship to locations, knowing if a device is stocked, in the field, in service or retired is critical to managing and controlling asset whereabouts. Inventory levels are dynamically synchronized with the Field Application allowing for real-time inventory information.

  • Automated Logistics: having a mechanism which minimizes manual entry can help minimize error and streamline distribution processes such as packing, shipping and receiving

    • PowerTrack allows for scanning, bar coding and wireless communications which means that the workforce is more efficient. It allows for the printing of barcodes for devices, boxes, pallets supporting most barcode printing machines.
PowerTrack delivers a powerful Field Application that resides on most mobile CE hand-held devices. The Field App integrates with the PowerTrack solution allowing for near real-time inventory updates and information exchange. The Field Application provides you with a mechanism to have visibility and accountability of any asset right to its final installation or removal.

The Field Application can be a value-add to routine installs and removals, especially if your company is engaging in replacement type project for AMI or T&D upgrades. Capture GIS location information, pictures, final reads and verify asset correctness while on-site.

  • Real-Time Tracking: many times assets can be pulled from inventory without accountability or assets can be removed and un-accounted for many days or weeks

    • PowerTrack allows for scanning, bar coding and wireless communications which means that the workforce is more efficient. It allows for the printing of barcodes for devices, boxes, pallets supporting most barcode printing machines. Inventory levels are dynamically synchronized with the Field Application allowing for real-time inventory information.

  • Asset Verification: many times meters or CT/VT can be installed in the field with specific attributes such as Meter Constant yet the Billing System may contain incorrect information thus creating billing errors.

    • PowerTrack Field Application allows for the capture of critical configuration information about an asset (CT/VT ratio or form factor of a meter). This information can be easily verified with the use of our Field Application which supports the attributes necessary to verify. As example, verify you have the correct connect ratio, number of turns or CT/VTs associated with the account. The hand-held application will automatically calculate your billing constant based on the input from the site. This value is verified back at the PowerTrack system. Once synchronized with billing, any discrepancies will be reported.

  • GIS Location Support: as more expensive assets such as AMI enabled meters or CT/VT's are deployed, it has now become more critical to know where the asset has actually been installed and know that is the right equipment for the service.

    • PowerTrack's Field Application will support GIS capture during installation of a device. Once the LAT/LON has been captured, our Field Application will associate and verify premise information. Once a hand-held is synchronized with PowerTrack, there is a Service Location option which displays the attribute whereabouts and ANY associated hardware or firmware such as meter seal, CT/VT's, AMI device and more.
One of the biggest factors to success with any system, is the ability to easily exchange the information within the application across critical business platforms such as CIS, MDM or WOM. There should also be seamless interfaces to input systems or hardware associated with the collection of data such as test boards, mobile testing devices and any other data inputs critical to managing your utilities assets. PowerTrack is architected to support the latest data exchange technologies (SOAP, REST, WCF) and can also manage legacy exchanges such as defined file format transfers. In addition, PowerTrack is a .NET programming language which can support varying database types including SQL, Oracle, Access and DB2

  • Hardware Interfaces: it can become overwhelming when trying to deal with the consolidation of data inputs from such systems as mobile field testing equipment or on-site meter testing equipment.

    • PowerTrack has been designed to not only import data from third party hardware, but also drive third party hardware through devices drivers where we have worked closely with most of the industry's leading companies to deliver device drivers. These include such companies as WECO, Powermetrix, AVO, RFL, Elster, Snap, Knopp and more.

  • Application Interfaces: although it is intended that PowerTrack be the system of record for asset and inventory information, it is understood that our system will need to integrate to critical back office applications such as CIS or Billing, MDM, AMI and WOM systems.

    • PowerTrack has been architected on as a .NET application. This allows for flexibility to add new or future devices types to your system without the need for an upgrade. PowerTrack is also database agnostic supporting SQL, Oracle, Access and DB2 which allows your company to work with what you know best. PowerTrack supports integration to such systems as CIS through web-services or XML data exchanges. All this allows our solution to easily exchange the critical information to your back office applications without the need for dedicated developer resources.


Win5800 is a meter testing software solution that was created to directly replace the original DOS RFL application which operates the 5800 model calibrator. In an effort to eliminate any learning curve, PowerSolve has designed this software to allow for the same hotkey overlay as the old DOS version and supports similar functions and features.

Easy System Integration and Architecture

Easy to Use

Win5800 is Microsoft DCOM compliant so that integration with other systems becomes simple and easy. Testing meters could not be easier. You can also add barcode scanning to help eliminate manual entry errors and reduce time. The Win5800 application supports Access or Borland databases for ease of use.

How do I get it?

The Win5800 software can be downloaded from our SUPPORT tab on this site. You may utilize the trial version for 30 days and contact our Sales Dept for actual license pricing and a full version copy.

As of January 2013, Win5800 is a fully Windows 7 compliant application.

Value-Added Services

Hosting Services:

Powersolve can provide varying degrees of hosting including Software as a Service (Saas) where we host the PowerTrack software and any hardware (infrastructure) needed to deliver this offering to our customers.

This offering utilizes a third party partners "TegoData" secure off-site solution as our infrastructure, disaster recovery and backup site provider with sites in Raleigh, NC and Austin, TX. This gives our customers a reliable and secure method toward maintaining critical data and information off site with peace of mind.

This offering benefits your utility by off-setting any capital investment needed on the front-end. PowerSolve will provide a contract term for a specific period of time based on a monthly or quarterly schedule.

Integration & Development Services:

In order to meet our challenging customer and market needs, PowerSolve offers a comprehensive development and services group to augment any IT shortages your company may have. Leveraging more than 16 years of best practices and software expertise, PowerSolve offers a high understanding of integration to back-office systems or technology partners.

Powersolve has a team of qualified developers and application consultants who can not only provide these services for our own solutions, but can also deliver them toward third party systems for your utility such as CIS integration, MDM integration, mobile application development and more. Our staff is experienced with SQL, VB, .NET, CE, C++, Java, Delphi and can provide experience with SOAP, REST, WCF, web-services and various file structures including XML, CSV? If your utility is in need of a small boutique systems integrator, we are ready to engage.

PowerTrack Community Edition

Asset Tracking
PowerTrack is a testing & inventory tracking system that enables the enterprise with “cradle to grave” tracking. From manufacturer to test acceptance to the warehouse to installation, know where your assets are at all times.

Easy System Integration and Architecture
PowerTrack is an open system, built on Microsoft’s .NET platform. Testing meters could not be easier. Test equipment becomes “plug and play” by using drivers. No matter who the manufacturer is, you will use the same software. You may also add barcode scanners, barcode printers, and hand-held computers to make this a comprehensive turnkey system.

A New Approach
With the release of the new Community edition, smaller utilities such as cooperatives can now leverage the flexibility generally associated with large expensive systems. The Community edition is designed specifically with the smaller utility in mind. In the past a utility had only two choices, buy a large expensive “meter management” system or rely on the manufacturer’s software. Not anymore. Now you can connect to any test equipment via a driver and put all your data collection into one homogenous system. With our subscription model, you can enjoy a low cost entry.

Powersolve is pleased to announce our partnership with Vision Metering which allows us to sell the Vesta testboard. You may purchase the testboard directly from Powersolve or with a subscription you can bundle with PowerTrack and pay an annual fee.

Use any test board you like without reinstalling software and eliminate training on different systems.

Import data from many different type of test equipment such as PowerMetrix and/or Radian.
Reduce time and errors associated with data entry by enable barcode scanning. You may also print barcodes for devices that do not have a label, such as transformers.
Receive new meters from the manufacturer and existing meters from the field. You many setup a warehouse environment or receive at the testboard.
Upload test data to other systems such as billing.
Choose from numerous canned reports or add custom reports.