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Innovative Solutions

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PowerSolve has delivered a tremendous Return On Investment (ROI) through our PowerTrack software solution.

  • PowerTrack improves customer service and revenues with Electronic Meter Multiplier Verification to capture incorrect billing constants.
  • PowerTrack reduces spending on inventory by tracking inventory right to the premise with our field application, delivering inventory alerts, and reporting critical assets.
  • PowerTrack improves overall customer service, reduces spending, streamlines business processes, and reduces man-hours associated with various procedures.

Finally, with Smart Grid, we understand your assets have become much more expensive (such as AMI meters) and understand how to manage these assets and any associations such as firmware or configuration information. Our systems can integrate and exchange information to MDM, AMI, or other key applications that are important to your Smart Grid delivery.

We continue to share ideas with our customers, participate in industry symposiums, and remain engaged in such forums as the Raleigh Smart Grid Round Table to stay connected and in tune with the industry’s future and customers.

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