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Value-Added Services

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Hosting Services:

Powersolve can provide various levels of hosting, including Software as a Service (Saas), where we host the PowerTrack software and any hardware (infrastructure) needed to deliver a solution.

PowerSolve provides a secure off-site solution as our infrastructure, disaster recovery, and backup site provider with locations in Raleigh, NC, and Austin, TX. Our partnership provides customers with a reliable and secure method to maintain critical data and information off-site with peace of mind.

This offering benefits your utility by off-setting any capital investment needed on the front-end. PowerSolve will provide a contract term for a specific period of time-based on a monthly or quarterly or annual schedule.

Integration & Development Services:

PowerSolve offers a comprehensive development and services group to meet our challenging customer and market needs to augment any IT shortages your company may have. PowerSolve offers a high understanding of integration to back-office systems or technology partners by leveraging our years of best practices and software expertise.

Powersolve has a team of qualified developers and application consultants who can provide these services for our solutions and deliver them toward third party systems for your utility such as CIS integration, MDM integration, mobile application development, and more.

Our staff is experienced with SQL, VB, .NET, CE, C++, Java, and Delphi and can provide experience with SOAP, REST, WCF, web services, and various file structures, including XML and CSV. If your utility requires a small boutique systems integrator, we are ready to engage


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