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PowerTrack Community Edition

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The Community Edition allows smaller utility cooperatives to leverage the flexibility of larger systems for managing the software and equipment types with one fully integrated system.

A utility had only two choices in the past: buy an expensive “meter management” system or rely on the manufacturer’s Software. Not anymore. Now you can connect to any test equipment via a driver and put all your data collection into one homogenous system.

With the PowerTrack subscription model, companies can count on low-cost entry fees to start using our system.

Asset Tracking

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PowerTrack Community Edition offers a “Cradle to Grave” solution for testing and tracking, allowing you to manage assets from the manufacturer to installation.

Easy System Integration and Architecture

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PowerTrack is an open system built on Microsoft’s .NET platform. Testing meters is easy with “plug and play” test equipment. No matter who the manufacturer is, you will use the same Software. You may also add barcode scanners, barcode printers, and handheld computers to make this a comprehensive turnkey system.


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Our partnership with Vision Metering gains us access to the Vesta Testboard. These can be purchased directly from Powersolve or bundled with PowerTrack and paid annually.


Collect Data From Any Board

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Use any test board without reinstalling Software and eliminate training on different systems.


Testing Screen
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Import Test Data from Field Equipment

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Import data from many different type of test equipment such as PowerMetrix and/or Radian.

Design, Print and Scan Barcodes

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Advanced barcode scanning solutions dramatically reduce the number of errors seen with data entry or allow you to print barcodes on pieces of equipment that typically are void of labels, for example, transformers.


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Receive new meters from the manufacturer and existing meters from the field. You many setup a warehouse environment or receive at the testboard.


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Upload test data to other systems such as billing.


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Choose from numerous canned reports or add custom reports.


Robust Reporting
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